corporate rock fest swallows suburb. irony still missing.

February 16, 2006

Looking thrilled at the prospect of hanging out in Green Point.

If the Coca-Cola Colab thingy gets any bigger I’m going to have to move house again. The parking area around Green Point stadium can only accommodate so many Corollas before herds of spotty youths in Green Day tshirts start spilling over into my ‘hood, baying for hair gel and light beer. And you know what happens when I’m distracted while watching Isidingo…. but I digress.

5 FM are clearly excited at the inclusion of the Stereo MCs on a bill that already runneth over with the likes of Metallica, Simple Plan, Collective Soul, The Rasmus, Seether, Fatboy Slim, Prime Circle, The Finkelsteins, The Parlotones, Arno Carstens, Flat Stanley, State Far Better, Karen Zoid, Fokofpolisiekar, Sitter, the SpoonFeedas, Roger Goode, Flash Republic and some other people I’ve just forgotten…

I know, I shouldn’t be snippy. But the Stereo MCs? Zzzzzzz… Guess who I’ll be there to see. Guess, motherfuckers, just fucken guess.

Rock on, Powerzone.


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