straight outta slaapstad

February 17, 2006

I dunno – every time I round a corner I spot a new flyer for former P.O.C‘itizen and Mother City turntable-supremo Ready D. And I swear, everytime I manage to get my neighbour’s TV aerial angled just so, there he is again, beaming his beatific smile from some upcountry TV studio, head slightly cocked and fingers a-blur. Either he lives at the airport, or Ready A, B, and C are out there covering the other regions on his behalf.

And when the man isn’t turning out little QBerts from his training workshops, he’s roaming the Flets with his Beatbangaz crew – DJ Azhul (BVK), DJ e-20, Shamiel X and DJ Angirl promoting the art of turntablism and deejaying through workshops, mix shows and mixtapes”. Somehow they’ve found time to launch a new website – check out the samples while you’re at it.

Shot, AfricasGateway.


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