none so black

March 3, 2006

The Destructour cadillac trundles to a halt outside the Mercury Live and Lounge tonight, disgorging members of Sacrifist, Mind Assault and, dear lord… Revellus, for the hordes of sulky gothettes and Angry, incoherent Young Men that will no doubt be thronging in from the suburbs for a night of po-faced revelry.

I can’t say for sure who’d win if a fight breaks out between the metalheads and the dark art school dropouts – neither faction can see far enough past their fringes to inflict any real damage, but I did sustain a nasty graze from a goth boy/girl’s pointy armband once, so please – be careful out there.

Revellus hit the stage at midnight, apparently – bring your glow sticks and join me up front for some frenzied arm waving. Who am I trying to kid, I’ll be the drunk, grumpy one at the back that isn’t wearing black. Please don’t even think about speaking to me.


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