if I wanted your opinion, I’d beat it out of you

March 7, 2006

#64. 03-05-06 LA CA: 2236 hrs. The weekend is over. Today I cleaned, worked on the radio show notes and got in a good work out. I went to the record store and found a couple of things. I went to sleep last night right after I finished writing in this journal and was out for 11 hours.

Reading Henry Rollins' blog is a bit like watching your neighbours have sex on their balcony across the way: pointless and mildly annoying, but you don't want to turn away in case you miss something worthwhile. Like this fascinating little snippet, for example:

I get some intersting mail. There’s the occasional momentarily intersting stuff like the one from the other day but there’s some females who write me who are really intense. “Why did you write that song about me without telling me you were going to?” “Why are you ignoring me? On page 156 of your last book you told me to contact you so don’t tell me you don’t know why I’m writing!"

Given that Hank was recently cited as a possible terrorist threat for reading this book on a plane, you'd think he'd be able to spell "interesting".


An curt nod to Henry Rollins.com and grateful gob to punknews.


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