preaching to the perverted: 6/6/06

March 7, 2006

I’ve never been particularly religious, but it’s hard not to mention god and Rick Rubin in the same sentence. Or Satan and Rick, come to think of it. Whatever, anyone who can claim to have produced both Danzig and Andrew Dice Clay deserves to be permanently bathed in a scented ray of sunlight / cast into the abyss forever. And anyone that drags the original members of Slayer back to the studio for their first album together since Seasons and then out on tour, should be pelted with fragrant petals / the charred limbs of small children. Wait, am I getting confused here? Anyway, first he extends his healing hand to Metallica, now this. Rick’s a great guy.

“It feels really good being back with the same guys I started out with,” Lombardo said in a press release. “The chemistry is definitely there, that’s the exciting part of it–to capture that chemistry again. And that’s what is happening.”


Thanks, livedaily.


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