for the record

March 8, 2006

I'm not really a morning person.Sooo. The only person I know that has actually glanced at this site* pointed out that it looks and reads like the product of a bipolar (male) metalhead (male) from the Northern Suburbs.

Jesus. I'm not 'metal', I'm miserable. There is a difference. When I'm low, I prefer to wallow to darker, more introspective rock. Cut me some slack, already. When I'm feeling better, I'll devote some space to Country and Goth.

Does this sound remotely like I might be male and into metal to you?

1. I have long hair.

2. I wear my eyeliner smudged and my lip-gloss sticky.

3. Women are cool and all that, but generally speaking, I spend more time hanging out with guys.

4. And when I hang out, I like to drink beer and talk about movies and music.

5. I can't get a date, though.

6. Are you sure you wouldn't like to see my pentagram tattoo again?

6. I like my jeans and t-shirts frayed, but form-fitting. Shirts? Unbuttoned to the navel, obviously.

6. And yet, I still can't get a date.

7. Did you play my Mommy's Little Monster while I was out? It's not quite lined up with the markings on the shelf.

8. I like to unwind by gardening and carving Pothole lyrics into my chest with razorblades.

* That's the last time I pay a car-guard for his opinion.


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