nou voel ek soos riaan cruywagen

March 9, 2006

My uitspraak is ‘n bietjie kak* (jammer), maar ek sal my bes probeer:

Fokofpolisiekar sou hulle nuwe musiek video by Cool Runnings, Centurion op 10 Maart gelaunch het, maar alles is ewe skielik geskyf na 13 Maart by Tings ‘n Times in Hatfield, Pretoria. Skies, Tshwane. Ek weetie hoekom nie. Maar dit klink nogtans soos ‘n plesierige nag uit and dit kos net R30. Komaaan, dis jou kans om snorre te vergelyk met die heel beste van die new wave van Kaapse orkeste.

Daar’s nog goed oor hulle nuwe kortspeler en hulle produksie-diary van die hele recording prosess, maar ek is nou sat van lees, vertaal en oorskrywe – lees die blumminpress release self. Man.

*Nee, dis waar – ek klink soos ‘n lugwaardin.

Dankie, samusic.


7 Responses to “nou voel ek soos riaan cruywagen”

  1. Ha! How much will you give me to not give Jerk Of All Trades this url?

    P.S. Where’s the pentagram tattoo? Mine’s on my chest.

  2. barbedwire said

    I have no idea who you are, or what you’re talking about, Ash. Plus you’ve just violated the strict ‘No Comments. No Fun.’ policy of this website and I may have to ask you to leave.

    (1. Soul, or firstborn – your choice. 2. Lower back.)

  3. I’ll take the firstborn, provided it’s male. Actually, at that age, it probably doesn’t matter anyway. They’re all pink on the inside.

  4. barbedwire said

    Firstborn it is, then.

    Two comments in and you’ve already plunged the moral tone of this website to an early all-time low.

  5. It’s the least I could do. Would you like me to link to this site, or are you trying to keep your identity a secret? Trust me, I can throw dozens of readers your way.

  6. barbedwire said

    Well, I wouldn’t want to attract the wrong kind of crowd, and I certainly couldn’t throw anything your way in return, apart from the occasional immature and incomprehensible barb…

    Thanks, that’s very generous of you. Feel free to send me wildly exaggerated press-releases for your imaginary band and I’ll make sure everyone within a 2 block radius knows your name. And trembles.

  7. barbedwire said

    It’s true, I have no standards.

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