March 13, 2006

Local Christian groups have taken a short break from disparaging homosexuals and joined forces to quell a new and formidable threat to the nation’s moral fibre: Fokofpolisiekar.

The Weekend Argus reports that Jesus Project, a Christian action media group, placed a full-page ad in Die Beeld condemning the little punks as blasphemous, and no doubt ‘hairy’, after bass guitarist Wynand Myburgh allegedly wrote “Fuck God” on a young fan’s wallet after a gig. Plague expected on Tuesday.

Not to be outdone, a group of Christian ministers in Oudtshoorn have lobbied sponsors and organisers to prevent Fokof from participating in the country’s largest Afrikaans arts festival, the Klein Karoo Nationale Kunstefees (KKNK), threatening to withdraw the use of church halls as venues if their demands aren’t complied with. Sales of flaming cross-shaped koeksusters are expected to go ahead, though.

Yes, this is the same Wynand Myburgh from defunct Godcore band Seventh Breed. Stop, the irony is killing me, etcetera.

Contrary to appearances, I’m a big fan of organised religion. Particularly when it helps my favourite bands sell more albums.


Mooi kiekie, Liam Lynch.


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