mr bones

March 14, 2006

I think it’s fair to say that if Shaughn Pieterse hadn’t launched Witchdoctor Records to promote his own band back in 1999, there’s little chance we would have seen the likes of The Haunted or Sepultura pulling up outside a local venue in our lifetimes. Or Entombed buying beer on Sacraphyx’s tab at the Purple Turtle, for that matter. That’s not necessarily a good thing. I can’t go to a braai or a sokkie these days without someone’s misshapen younger brother sidling over with an autographed t-shirt or anecdote about the time he evaded security and got to ‘shake’ that roadie’s ‘hand’ behind the tour bus.

And when Witchdoctor aren’t trying to convince international acts that they won’t be trampled by wild beasts if they come to Africa…

WR: What’s the funniest thing that’s happened on a tour?
A: So many many things happen every single day … from being nearly stampeded by elephants with SOULFLY, charged by rhinos with ENTOMBED … and the best would have to be Mark Rizzo being atttacked by a giant insect around the fire (I even got footage of it).

…they’re trawling white suburbia for the hardest and heaviest – and making sure your local CD retailer knows about it.

Catch Forever Will Burn, Chief Rebel Angel, Architecture Of Aggression, Nemesis Army and other Witchdoctor protégés at WITCHFEST 2006 in Jozie, Durban and Cape Town in April. Drunken punks Half Pint… er, Price and Three Chord Theory are also scheduled to show up and be stroppy.

Witchfest 2006


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