the sound of one hand clapping

March 21, 2006

When you date someone in a band, there are really only two things you can count on:

1. He will walk in on you cradling the shattered neckpiece of his guitar – the one you’ve just knocked over and stood on.

2. you’ll be asked to film all their gigs, because, you know, you just “get it.”

Except I don’t. Having endured my share of cramped fingers and serious internal injuries just so we’d have some indistinct heaving shapes and glimpses of the drummer’s knee to reminisce over, I fail to see how Awesome; I Fuckin’ Shot That!, the Beastie Boys concert film composed entirely of footage shot by fans, is anything other than a monumentally stupid idea.

The least attractive Beastie, Adam Yauch, gave 50 fans hand-held cameras at a Madison Square concert and instructed them to film their entire experience. Yauch came up with the idea shortly after being hit on the head by a gong-wielding Buddhist at a mandala drawing ceremony. Or, possibly, after seeing footage captured by a fan on a camera phone:

“It just looked really cool, like it was all grainy and low resolution,” Yauch says. “And I just thought it would be interesting to try documenting a whole concert like that.”


Thanks, Yahoo.


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