oi! oi! oi! vey…

March 29, 2006

I seriously considered converting to Judaism when I was 12. This was just after the ill-fated pony phase, but still some time before I cottoned on to homemade hallucinogens and arson. My family are, by and large, a well-intentioned bunch of heathens, but it only took a couple of pool parties at the Horowitz's for me to become infatuated with the stern-looking men who range the streets on weekends like gunslingers, black coats a-flapping. That was before they told me I didn't get a hat, of course.

The appeal is not as far-fetched as it sounds. If the Old Testament was an album, it would be something by Priest. Or Sabbath. Something Heavy. Something Apocalyptic. Something Metal. If the New Testament was a band, it would be… The Carpenters. NTOTB. I don't think I need to spell it out any further. Besides, I don't think anyone is still reading.

None of which explains my – entirely respectful – fascination with Matsiyahu, "the Hasidic Reggae superstar". Honestly. The hairy holy-roller gives the The AV Club an interesting glimpse into what it means to Keep The Faith without dropping the beat:

The A.V. Club: What do you do when you have a night off during a tour?

Matisyahu: I have a chavrusa, a friend that I learn with, who I talk with over the phone. So I'll be speaking with him, and I have a couple meetings and interviews. I think there's the possibility of some bowling happening at some point.

'Purimpalooza'. That's funny.


Hava Nagilah, AV Club. Read more about Matisyahu at Nextbook. And while you're there, check out anything by Shalom Auslander. I have a bit of a crush.


2 Responses to “oi! oi! oi! vey…”

  1. geekspin said


    I first heard of Matisyahu a couple months ago on the Dawn and Drew podcast, Drew plays the odd track on there from time to time, and I must say I like what I hear.

    Mention of Matisyahu has been popping up all over the place it seems, today when I signed into Pandora he was a featured iTunes artitst.

    Cool stuff!

  2. barbedwire said

    Hey! I thought I heard an echo from the cheap seats…

    The guy is everywhere – omnipresent, you might say. And because I'm nothing but a lazy bandwagon jumper, I thought I'd better give him a mention. Plus, I hear he created a couple of golems to sing backup in his next music video – and who doesn't love a singing golem? Seriously though, I find him genuinely interesting, if not as snappily dressed as, say, 2 Live Jews.

    Conrad, I haven't forgotten about continuing our blog /RSS / plugin / whatsit discussion – I've just been vrek besig. But I'm on it, I swear…

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