if you like boerewors, you’ll like this

March 31, 2006

Known by about three people for their accidental tunes of shot-up love, slippery democracies and the general consequences of the incorrect application of beer and freedom in the dailies of our lives, The Buckfever Underground will bring you spoken word in Afrikaans and English, large-mouth bass, slack-jawed drums, strange guitar sounds and a man with hair on keyboards.

You can catch Toast Coetzer and the Buckfever Underground's "I Shot A Muishond In Gauteng Just To Watch Him Die" Tour in Gauteng in April. And you should.

That's if you haven't already packed your veldskoen and 'shrooms for The OppiKoppiHaat my want ek vreet my hasie” Easter Festival (Fuck, what is it with these names?).

I'm only mentioning it because BVK will be there and I'm counting on Mr Fat to keep the rest of those pesky hippies under control.

Like Ben Lee, for example.


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