a long way back from hell

April 17, 2006

It’s tough trying to maintain a decent clinical depression on a tropical island in the middle of the Indian Ocean – even if everyone on it appears to have been taught English by Michel, ze bitter ‘otel manager from ze Gilmore Girls.

For starters, ‘bitter’ doesn’t appear to be a concept readily grasped by the gregarious locals who were obviously carefully trained not to smirk at my French. Then there’s the landscape. The first thing you’ll notice after the annoying white beaches, turquoise waters and palm trees, is the total absence of any tall buildings to fling yourself from. Which is down to the local cyclone season, apparently. And did I at least manage to experience one of these destructive winds first-hand? Nooo. Not one. I tried drowning a couple of times but, you know, I’d stick my head under and then I’d get distracted by, mmm… how warm and clear the water is and ooh… how pretty the fish are.

I guess the most I can hope for now is that the gallon of salt water and small lumps of coral I got up my nose while ‘water-skiing’ eventually prove fatal.

Still, it’s nice to get back to my dead-end job and miserable existence – and more importantly, ze Internet.


2 Responses to “a long way back from hell”

  1. Try not to mix too many Danzig references with your azure and sand beach photos. It’s disrespectful.

  2. barbedwire said

    Actually, Glenn's a little concerned about his waning popularity and the fact that most people mistake him for Meatloaf these days, so I've been hired to try and present him in a more accessible and cosmopolitan light.

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