your funeral, my trial

April 24, 2006

One of my favourite parts of the Internet closed shop today. If I was a lanky Australian with a murky past I might use the unexpected free time it affords me to write an album, or perhaps a screenplay. Something about suicidal hockey players, internet writers and werewolves – dark tortured characters with shadows on their hearts – and their slow and inexorable descent into horror and despair. But I'm not. I lack the imagination, the track marks, and a used-car salesman’s wardrobe.

Nick Cave, on the other hand, is and has all of these things. He talks about his music, his film scripts and why he's just the kind of person you'd want to drop in on to pore over his CD collection while he channel-surfs and clips sheep in the background:

Cave: I watch an unbelievable amount of films because I don't have a particular interest in films. I don't have an interest in films the same way that I have an interest in music or I have an interest in literature in the sense that when I listen to a song I'm always listening to it analytically and I'm always asking that song questions about how it arrived at that place or how the lyrics got to be like that. I never just listen to music in the way that I think a normal person probably does and I read books in the same way. I'm really interested in language and how it's used. With films I watch them indiscriminately. I go to the DVD shop, get four DVDs, go home and sit there. I don't have to use my brain. I can just get sucked into a story which is the great thing about films. You just turn it on and you get swallowed in whether you like it or not. Now I have an enormous library of really bad, mediocre and great films in my head. They all have some influence. I often watch a film and think, “Why didn't they do that? That would have been much more interesting.”


Thanks, Bookslut. And thanks, Ash Karreau.


3 Responses to “your funeral, my trial”

  1. See, I could have stopped blogging (and did) and after about a week everybody would’ve forgotten I ever existed, but Ash…..I hope it’s just a mood thing that he’ll shake and not something serious. Al is a great guy. I’ll miss him.

    Barb….you look lovely today.
    (Nick Cave’s “Loverman” plays in the background)
    You’re making this too easy.

  2. Fatman said

    Heya Broadzilla. Yeah I’m pretty peeved myself about the lack of 16mm Shrine. And (Don’t take this badly) I had no idea that you had a blog yourself. I remember checking a few times in the early days of the Broadzilla comments and just assumed you were this Clint Eastwoodesque ‘(Wo)man with No Name’-type drifter who went around making funny comments and left without a trace. I’ll link to you if you link to me.

  3. barbedwire said

    Thanks, Jerk. And that squealing of tyres you're hearing over the music? That would be my 'people'. Don't resist, you'll only make things hard for yourself.

    Fats – no problem. I generally do my best to shield myself from the glare of publicity anyway. You know how it is. Anyway, I'm glad you found me – please feel free to bring your dead prostitute and bestiality jokes over anytime. The world needs more of them. Besides, I like making fun of Australians.

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