coconuts, actually.

April 29, 2006

SYDNEY, Australia – Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards was hospitalized for a mild concussion he suffered while vacationing in Fiji, reportedly after falling out of a palm tree.

Falling out of a palm tree. Is that a euphemism?


5 Responses to “coconuts, actually.”

  1. Where it says “Bands”, are those bands that you like?
    Isn’t Mitsoo that french chick who did “Bye Bye Mon Cowboy” forever ago?
    Sure I could click on it, but then I wouldn’t get to read your lovely words.

    I love the way you look when the light hits your hair like that.

  2. barbedwire said

    That's a partial list of South African bands – indies, mostly. I do like some of them, of course – others are linked because, although they might not appeal to me personally (I think we all know how picky I am), I believe that the more support and exposure they get, the better it is for the 'industry' overall. I'm all about the underdog. Provided the underdog has loud guitars and at least one shaggable band member.

    Mitsoo are a local all-girl band – I don't think they speak French unless provoked.

    I'll be dispensing more 'lovely words' for no one to read as soon as I get a chance to trawl the internet, Jerk. Real life and an impending deadline conspire against me. But hey, feel free to contribute some content yourself. Just don't expect to get paid.

  3. Are there people who get paid to comment?

    What deadline? Are you a writer? Columnists? Author? Secretary? Teacher, that’s it you’ve got term papers to grade.

  4. Ninja deadlines…..yeah, those suck.

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