short, back, and lazy

May 6, 2006

Stereogum ponies up What a Waste – another mp3 from Sonic Youth’s forthcoming album, Rather Ripped. Rather nice, actually. Thanks.


In a neat example of life imitating MTV, a young journalist at one of the recent People’s Celebration Concerts describes how she was whisked from concert venue to swish hotel and very nearly ended up as the Big Dogg’s bitch. Believe me, I’m just as surprised as you are:

“After I eyed him suspiciously, Uncle Reo went on to explain to me how "it" works. He said Snoop would point out girls he wanted to join him after a concert, his bodyguard or his uncle would then fetch the girls and they would then be invited to the hotel Snoop was staying at.”


And Rolling Stone celebrates its 1000th issue by revealing the stories behind the biggest stories of the last 39 years, and spades of other interesting content. It’s a pleasant reminder of the extent to which the publication shaped and defined the industry before music television really took hold – and I’m sure it wields just as much influence today. Yet I can’t help feeling that it has gradually devolved into MTV’s stylish older, duller, sibling over the last few years. And, really – one VH1 is quite enough.


27 Responses to “short, back, and lazy”

  1. They’ve been hyping this a lot lately. It occurred to me that, as much as I love music, I have NEVER even flipped through an issue of Rolling Stone. I THINK it’s because I associate it with hippies, and I fucking LOATHE hippies.

    Mmmmmmmm you smell good. x

  2. barbedwire said

    You associate it with hippies – I associate it with Eric Clapton, cardigans, and aging rockers with weak chins. I believe it's gotten a bit more 'hip' and 'with it' of late, but I've always regarded it as being more relevant to my parents' generation. Dull, but worthy.

    Make a note to ban cardigans once we've removed all the hippies. And Mr. Clapton.

  3. I don’t know….I liked Clapton when he was in CREAM. Cardigans can go; that goes for the band as well.

    Are you as good of a kisser as you look? You sure look like it in my mind anyway. You do have lips right?

    I love our relationship Barb. I can flirt all I want, and I never have to worry about you showing up at my doorstep with an icepick and XL trash bags.

    UM…you ARE too cheap to fly here right?

  4. barbedwire said

    S'funny, I was thinking the same thing about you, Henry J. Except in my slasher nightmare you're dressed as a mailman and carrying a Martini Henry elephant rifle and a subscription form for Reader's Digest.

    And it's "as good a kisser", Jerk – "as good a kisser".

  5. And yet….you still knew what I meant. Hm….you ARE a smart one.

    It’s a Harvey Wallbanger, a Winchester Rifle and a Redbook subscription form. You were close though.


  6. barbedwire said

    Wait, did I hear you call me cheap earlier?

    Well spotted.

  7. spooky electric said

    clapton, cardigans & kissing. sounds like a rolling stones editorial to me. throw in cameron crowe & the alliteration is complete.

    glad they made it to 10 000 issues. hippies or not, at least their political editorial isn’t as bland as the music they usually cover.

  8. barbedwire said

    True – their political coverage has always been interesting – right back to the days when Hunter S. Thompson covered the Nixon campaign trail (no, I wasn't actually around then, before anyone asks) – although I do think their recent Bush cover was a little juvenile, and a little too late, as much as I agree with the sentiment.

    Speaking of alliterations, you may as well chuck Cameron Crowe onto the cardigans and Clapton pile – along with all the other things that must not survive the revolution (peas, no capital letters, the list is endless). Cameron almost redeemed himself with Almost Famous, and then blew it all to hell with Vanilla Sky.

    And it's "1000 issues", Spooky – "1000 issues". 

  9. Holy…..did you comment as another person just to confuse me? I’m the only one who reads this. Aren’t I?

    Spooky……very spooky.

  10. barbedwire said

    That… that… wasn't you pretending to be someone else, Jerk?

    I'll have you know that at least 2 other people read this blog – mostly only because I pay them to. You're the only one that actually speaks to me, though. Pretty much like in High School.

  11. I’m too busy pretending to be happy.

    No m’luv, if this was High School you wouldn’t be talking to ME.

  12. I don’t know why I typed ME like that. I blame the stupidity.

  13. spooky electric said

    ah, 1 000 issues. not that impressive then. i’ll check back in 9 000 issues’ time. eric clapton will still be revered. madonna will be on the cover after a successful duet with britney’s kid & we’ll all be pining for the moderate george w.

  14. barbedwire said

    I think that’s the most depressing thing I’ve heard this week, apart from the Zuma verdict, that is.

  15. spooky electric said

    zuma verdict surely not unexpected? in the ‘he said/she said’ stakes he was always going to get the benefit of the doubt. just wondering whether it will have any affect on his presidential ambitions.

  16. barbedwire said

    Ag, it's not that it wasn't expected – I'm not sure the actual verdict is even what I take exception to – it's the 'she was asking for it / my actions are justified because I'm The Man and – best part – I won't get AIDS because I took a shower / anyway, I'm invincible' cloud of shit that has obscured the entire affair. We'll never know what actually happened and he may be completely innocent – but I still believe he has an awful lot to answer for. And when I become President, he will.

  17. spooky electric said

    them’s fighting words. if it makes a difference, he may have a bigger problem. there are whispers that jz is hiv+. hence his lack of prophylactic.

    & you’ll never be president. it’ll mean actually appearing in public.

  18. barbedwire said

    Yeah, I’ve heard that too. And I couldn’t care less. Unless he actually admits it in public and becomes the state poster boy for AIDS prevention – in which case I’ll tattoo ‘I heart JZ’ on my inner thigh.

    I wouldn’t need to appear in public – I’m going to run the country over the Internet. Just as soon as I can get Telkom to install my phone line.

  19. spooky electric said

    i think jz likes the idea of being on inner thighs. & he doesn’t take ‘no’ for an answer.

    quick. first three proclamations as president.

  20. barbedwire said

    1. Fire Manto Tshabalala-Msimang. Then get her hired as Robert Mugabe's personal physician.

    2. Break Telkom's Monopoly

    3. Ban cardigans

  21. barbedwire said

    4. Cheaper CDs and DVDs for all.

  22. spooky electric said

    i see that you don’t fall into the “ban nothing, question everything” camp. i fully endorse cheaper dvd’s though. if for no other reason than i don’t have to sit next to imbeciles at the movie theatre with large mouths, loud phones and tiny tiny brains.

  23. barbedwire said

    It concerns me that I might be a little late for the whole ‘African despot’ vibe – still, I’m willing to give it a bash. With an iron fist, obviously. I can’t wait to get my presidential tank.

    I’m so glad you mentioned tiny, tiny brains – I spotted a “Doctors save Keith Richard’s brain!” headline earlier and it’s made me think of walnuts all afternoon. And in startlingly related news: I’ve just ordered myself a MST3K box set. Small things, small minds, etc.

  24. spooky electric said

    mst3k. i shall break my rule & make use of an exclamation mark: mst3k! i think those guys should do commentary on the keith richard’s operation. hell, they could do commentary on an entire rolling stones concert these days. besides charlie watts. he should be a comment-free zone. if they replaced charlie with ringo star it would be gloves off.

    favorite quote:

    interviewer: it’s been said ringo star isn’t the best drummer in the world-
    john lennon: he’s not even the best drummer in the beatles.

  25. barbedwire said

    MST3K has already done Keith Richards.

    I quite like Charlie Watts – he looks like a member of the Addams Family – but please, don't mention the Beatles around these parts again.

  26. spooky electric said

    charlie was my way of getting the thread back to rolling stone. but alas, awhack, awoe i’m an ‘s’ short of a meaningful pun.

    spooky electric

    p.s. beatles

  27. barbedwire said

    I'll let that slide because you owned up to having an exclamation mark rule!

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