currying favour

May 12, 2006

The Hellphones are hard at work in the SABC studios, piecing together their debut album with renowned Squeal frontman and producer, Dave Birch. Hellphone Fredriguez is documenting the wild and emotional ride – which, at this early stage, seems to consist largely of sneaking off to the "smoking room" (why is it smoking?) and a review of the curry from the staff canteen. Which is all quite endearing until they mention firing up some incense to get them in the mood. I hope it was the Sulphuric Vapours of Hades variety, or I'm going to have to stop mentioning them in my posts.

Still, people seem to like this fly-on-the-wall sort of thing, so in an effort to increase my readership without having to disable my spell-checker, I think I'll install a webcam at my desk so you can watch me practise my ninja moves and staple people's fingers to the ceiling. Or whatever the hell it is I actually do around here.


12 Responses to “currying favour”

  1. You………..YOU!
    *sniff* You took away the only picture I had of you.
    What will I stare dreamily at now?

    Meh….it probably wasn’t you anyway. There seemed to be a mischievous twinkle in the eyes of that person, and “mischief” is too close to “happy’ for you.

  2. barbedwire said

    The new one’s probably more accurate though – I do look green in a certain light.

  3. Great, you’re green and I’m blue.

  4. barbedwire said

    You can’t be miserable, Jerk. That’s my job.

  5. I’m not Miserable Jerk, he’s currently President.

    Can’t you email me a picture of you?
    I won’t tell anyone if you’re smiling in it.

  6. Yawn said

    Wow- Jerk of All Trades reads this blog. I thought I’d visit after the “gardening” thing on Fatman’s blog.

  7. But Barb…..I need something to throw darts….BLOW KISSES AT….*ahem*.
    Yeah, kisses.


  8. barbedwire said

    Thanks, Yawn – I appreciate you stopping by. I’d visit your site more often too, of course, but the last time “The Yawning Anus” showed up in my browsing history at work, well – you know, it all got a little ‘complicated’.

    Jerk doesn’t actually read this blog – he’s just here to stalk me. Or annoy me to death, I can’t quite decide.

  9. I read this blog.

    Annoy you…..pfft. You know you like the attention.
    I can get lost if you want me too, no hard feelings.

  10. barbedwire said

    Sheez, don't be so sensitive, Jerk – I'm just taking the piss. House rules.

  11. Taking the piss………
    Must be a Southy thing, and OH so lady-like sounding too.

    Sensitive…..pfft. I was just being *ugh* “nice” m’luv. If I ever TRULY annoy, and I’m not sure how I’d tell the difference between you annoyed and REALLY annoyed, just let me know.

    Now where’s my picture?

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