for a good time…

May 13, 2006

Cassette, the Jo'burg band I’d never heard of until they signed to Sony-BMG recently, will be going tape to toe with The Dirty Skirts, the band that mysteriously acquired my mobile number and spams me on a regular basis – tonight at the Armchair Theatre in Observatory. R30 gets you in, another 10 gets you ‘special attention’ out back from the barman who looks like an Arcade Fire fan. Or so I might have heard.

I’ve been criticised a little for assuming, erroneously, that all 3 of my readers know what the local bands I mention sound like. It's not that – I'm just really lazy. Anyway, I'll see what I can do: The Skirts* are a lot like that other band with a great name that also failed to sound anything like I thought they should – The Killers. Cassette… well, I'd love to give you the skinny, but the download section on their website only houses a couple of 'test vids' and a 'temp' file at this point, so I can't. Unless those are the tracks, in which case they're crap.

There, did that help at all?

And Dirty Skirts: as soon as I find out who wrote my number on the bathroom wall at Roxy’s, there’ll be hell to pay.


* Synth-rock.


24 Responses to “for a good time…”

  1. spooky electric said

    i checked. they removed your mobile number from the bathroom wall at roxy’s. i think they replaced it with your home number.

    …and there’s a picture of you on this site?

  2. barbedwire said

    I hope you made sure they spelled my name correctly.

    Yes, there's a picture of me on this site – you mean you haven't found it yet?

    Actually, the picture Jerk is referring to is here. (<- that's a link, btw – they never show up clearly in the comments box.)

  3. spooky electric said

    we could be twins. i may be slightly more rotund. besides the phone spam what do you think of the dirty skirts? ever put anything on the blog you don’t like?

  4. spooky electric said

    p.s. do you like ‘the knife’?

  5. barbedwire said

    Let's just say I think they're competent, but their particular brand of synth-pop-rock ain't really my bag. Band. Whatever. I do like their name and website, though – if that doesn't come off as a blindingly obvious ploy to redeem myself if anyone from the band can read should ever read this.

    Is that sarcasm? I like The Mochines and at least… 3 other bands/artists I've mentioned on the site. As for the rest, I try to be as impartial as possible. The Switzerland of music blogs. I thought that was obvious.

  6. barbedwire said

    'Deep cuts'? Ja, I do – but in the same way I like Daft Punk and my Game Cube. Fantastic for those days when I absolutely, positively have to do 'the robot'/kill things, but not something I really haul out on a regular basis.

  7. spooky electric said

    i’d point out the differences between switzerland & this site but i’m afraid i’ll be accused of dragging the discussion down to political levels again.

    synth-pop-rock seems to be everyone else’s ‘bag’ at the moment. it will die as soon as 80’s as ironic cool dies. which should be when grunge makes a comeback.

    can’t wait to haul out the ol’ check shirts.

  8. barbedwire said

    What do you mean? I’m Swiss like cheese, baby.

    Grunge didn’t really go away, these days it’s called ‘Seether’.

    Check shirts, on the other hand, must stay away. Plaid does nothing for my complexion.

  9. spooky electric said

    i’m sure plaid looks great on your green complexion. i still can’t wear plaid without bursting into song: “i’m a lumberjack and i’m o-kay…” someone should cover that song. maybe green jelly.

  10. barbedwire said

    That’s a disturbing thought. All of them.

    (You don’t think I look fat in that picture do you? I was much younger then…)

  11. spooky electric said

    i can’t judge if someone’s fat until i see them in pants. which is why i stick to skirts (the undirty kind). plaid skirts, aka kilts, are my favourite.

    i split a denim skirt once, but that’s not suitable content for this site.

  12. barbedwire said

    Never, ever, refer to a kilt as a “plaid skirt” in front of a Scotsman, Sparky. I believe they take caber-tossing quite seriously up there.

    Secondly, I love a cross-dresser as much as the next guy/girl – but if you’re thinking of taking us on a trawl through your underwear drawer(s) next, I’m going to have to lay the smack down.

    Also, please don’t say “pants”. It’s rude.

  13. spooky electric said

    apologies. assumed you weren’t scottish. now you apologise for assuming i’m a guy.

  14. barbedwire said

    Seriously, when was the last time you saw a woman in a kilt around here? Hang around at enough punk gigs, however, and a guy in a skirt is bound to crawl from the woodwork eventually. There’s always one. Possibly you.

    Plus you mentioned politics and Cameron Crowe in the same sentence, and we all know that chicks don’t know much about either.

    Ergo, boy-o.

    (No need to apologise – I’m not actually Scottish. Very few ninjas are.)

  15. spooky electric said

    quite possibly the last person to be seen a) crawling & b) at a punk gig (come back joe strummer).

    i do have a soft spot for the scottish tho. & i prefer samurai to ninjas, so this correspondence may be doomed to bickering & self-justification.

    die elizabeth town. long live fast times at ridgemont high.

  16. barbedwire said

    Hey, Sean Penn’s best movie role ever. I think we may get along after all.

    Erm, you do know Joe Strummer is dead / Fin / worm food, don’t you?

  17. spooky electric said

    strummer’s reported death is capitalist propoganda to keep the working class down. he’s alive & well living with elvis & the mrs world organisers. (now that’s entertainment).

    which punk bands does the big green blog machine like?

    which punk bands do the big green blog machine like?

    there are two questions there.

  18. barbedwire said

    I agree. Also, my head pounds from pondering the grammatical conundrum you have just exposed, and I can’t answer your question(s) right now.

    Besides, that’s like asking Imelda Marcos to list her favourite shoes – and I don’t think the comment box is big enough for either of us.

    Why don’t you tell our lovely audience which punk bands you like. And why.

  19. spooky electric said

    there’s an audience? thought it was just us. comment box not big enough for your likes, but big enough for mine? are you assuming i’m more of a hater than a liker?

    i like the clash, the ramones (all alive btw), the buzzcocks, the jam, television & blondie.

    but i’d rather be buying new shoes too.

  20. barbedwire said

    Also, are we talking First or Second Wave punk here? British or American? European? Garage, hardcore, post-hardcore, ska punk, post-punk or – my personal favourite – horror punk? Be specific, please.

  21. barbedwire said

    Ok. I’ll let you scrape through to the next round.

  22. spooky electric said

    i’m interested in what you like.

    not a musical tree.

  23. barbedwire said

    Nnnnggghhh. Ok. I have to finish off some ninja stuff first, though. I’ll be back a bit later.

  24. spooky electric said

    take your time. i’m off to iron my scottish flag & sharpen my samurai sword.

    may even listen to some punk.


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