tune in, freak out

May 16, 2006

In 1972, a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn't commit. They promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade to the Los Angeles underground. Today, still wanted by the government, they survive as soldiers of fortune. If you have a problem, if no-one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you should consider therapy?

Metafilter reminds us that it's never too late to have a happy childhood with this stirring collection of TV theme tunes from classics like Knightrider, the A-Team and Airwolf. Hey, Airwolf! Didn't Jan-Michael Vincent come over here and disgrace himself with a cocktail waitress / cheap hooker once? Twice?


42 Responses to “tune in, freak out”

  1. Jan-Michael Vincent went all the way down there to disgrace himself?
    I mean, disgrace himself MORE that is.

  2. barbedwire said

    I don’t think anywhere else would take him at that stage. We generally got to see those sort of series waaay after everyone else and I think he was well past his expiry date and desperate for a paying gig when he came ‘down South.’

    If I remember correctly, he and his helicopter did the rounds of the local hypermarkets. Which would drive anyone to drink – and women bearing drink – I imagine.

  3. Well then what’s driving me to blog and women who blog?

    How long is your hair?
    Do I get a picture yet?

  4. barbedwire said

    1. Bovine spongiform encephalopathy?
    2. If you squint closely at my photograph, you’ll see that my hair is roughly 1 millimetre long. And green.
    3. No.

  5. 1. Are you calling me fat?
    2. So, you’re moldy like cheese?
    3. You didn’t say “NEVER!”. I’m winning you over! 🙂

  6. spooky electric said

    can’t believe you’re trash-talking stringfellow hawk. which you & i may consider a strange name, but not stringfellow himself, who i discovered has a daughter named amber springbird. could a hippie have been piloting that ‘copter?

  7. barbedwire said

    Sparky: I can’t believe you know that. Actually, I can.

    Jerk: I was just about to pop a signed glamour pic in the mail when I saw that emoticon.

  8. spooky electric said

    i fondly recall the days when joaquim phoenix was still called leaf. guess with river gone he thought people would think him weird.

  9. I was JUST about to believe you until I saw the italics.

  10. barbedwire said

    I don’t know which is sadder: that you know this (again), or that I actually looked it up on Wikipedia to see if you were right. You spelled “Joaquin” wrong, though.

  11. barbedwire said

    And I bet you can’t pronounce it.

  12. barbedwire said

    Jerk, are you calling me a liar?

  13. spooky electric said

    due to technical difficulties (mostly my own) i don’t have access to wikipedia. & until your phone number gets written on a bathroom wall again you’ll not know how i pronounce joaquin. or joaquim for that matter.

    still, my errant typing finger has been admonished & denied red nail varnish for 2 weeks.

  14. barbedwire said

    Red nail varnish is so cheap.

    No Wikipedia, eh? What was Jonathan Higgins III’s middle name? And no, you may not ask a friend.

  15. spooky electric said

    ah, a battle of trivia. but not so much fun these days with the omniscient internet around. quayle. robin masters’ voice was supplied by…? notwithstanding, do you think ol’ higgins was robin masters?

  16. barbedwire said

    Orson ‘Swelles’!

    I thought Higgy-baby admitted to being Robin. He did, didn’t he?

  17. spooky electric said

    he admitted to being master novelist but recanted in final episode. however, i always thought he actually was robin. ever see them in the same room at the same time?

    final trivia (my favourite) try searching this: what were zeus & apollo’s real names?

  18. barbedwire said

    Have you ever seen Billy Joel and Jean Reno in the same room at the same time?

    Zeus and Apollo: Bob and Gnasher.

  19. barbedwire said

    Brutus and Dominique.

    You obviously don’t know how to search properly.

  20. Yes……yes I am.

    My favorite piece of trivia, and you cannot use the internet, is who invented the television?

    My favorite PIECE is Barb.

  21. spooky electric said

    i’m terrible at trawling the net. long, unkempt, red nails make typing hard enough. plus i missed out on growing up with computers. hell, i missed out on growing up with tv.

    i think i have seen joel & reno at the same time. it was a musical called “leon: the piano man”.

  22. barbedwire said

    ok, Jerk – tell us. Who invented the television?

  23. barbedwire said

    Sparky, enough with the personal details already. The nail thing is freaking me out.

  24. spooky electric said

    my school text book always listed john logie baird as inventor of television. but i seem to remember time magazine doing an inventors of the century issue that credited philo farnsworth (i think).

    what’s the definitive answer, jerk of all trades?

  25. It was Farnsworth. Great job Spooky/Sparky nails.

    Barb – I LOVE how you can be so sarcastic/smartassy in print. Everything drips with……Ice Maiden-ness.
    You are truly gifted, and I don’t just mean your ass.

  26. barbedwire said

    Thanks, Jerk. I am special. That’s why I’m in the special class.

  27. spooky electric said

    barbed wire (why no pam anderson allusions in any of the posts, jerk?): why don’t you just provide jerk with a pic?

    with all this build up you know he’s gonna be disappointed by whatever you send.

  28. Well Spooky, (can I call you Spooky?) I am one of the few men on this globe who LOATHES Pam Anderson. I try not to mention her at all if I can help it. I have to go bleach my hands now.

    Barb doesn’t want me to fall in love that’s what it is.

  29. barbedwire said

    I don’t believe in pandering to my audience.

  30. spooky electric said

    call me what you like (spooky electric isn’t actually my real name).

    i hope for your sake that barbed wire doesn’t look exactly like pam. that would be too ironic for words.

  31. You have no idea how badly I want you.

    You can’t be single.

  32. barbedwire said

    I hope you’re talking to Sparky, Jerk.

  33. I was talking to you m’luv.
    Right now, there’s some lucky bastard that gets to have you be mean to him in person. OMG, I just got all hot picturing you slapping me right before we have hot sex!

    Seriously though, this attitude you say has caused problems for you in the past is EXACTLY what I like about you.
    H-O-T HOT.

    Now….picture please.

  34. But Barb……..why not? Are you afraid I won’t like what I see and I’ll stop talking to you?
    I would think you’d WANT that.

  35. So you’re just going to ignore me today?

  36. barbedwire said

    I am. I thought I'd try and get some actual work done instead.

  37. You know that’s not as much fun as having me flirt with you right?

  38. barbedwire said

    I'm being serious. Heavy-duty Ninja Action going down. Attention required elsewhere. *Crackle* Be back as soon as Barbarian hordes defeated. Amuse self in meantime. *Crackle… Hiss* Over and out.

  39. I wasn’t going to bug you today but Broadzilla just kicked in on my iPod.

    I hope you’re having a good day.

  40. barbedwire said

    Thanks, Jerk. Actually, I’m having a lousy day. Or I was until Big Black’s ‘Fists of Love’ kicked in on my iPod – and that always cheers me up.

    Normal service should resume by Monday. That is, I should be back to pass snide and contemptuous remarks about people more talented and popular than myself. Pretty much everyone, in other words.

    Have a good weekend, Henry J.

  41. You too dreamgirl. *sigh*

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