dolly parton is a satanist

May 22, 2006

I really shouldn’t keep picking on the God Squad – it requires so little mental effort and incredibly, not even I can justify being that lazy. On the other hand, a little unintentional comedy does go a long way, and this inspired exposé of Satan’s Music dutifully trots out enough one-liners to kick-start a college t-shirt empire.

And it’s not just the usual suspects (metal, homosexuals) that face the flaming rod of righteousness, either. The people who brought you the fantastically monikered Antichrist Slideshow starring: The Popes of Rome spare no one: The Beach Boys, Bon Jovi, Christian Rockers, Country Music and, not surprisingly, Vangelis – are all beaten with their own lyric sheets before being drop-kicked to the Great Braai Down Below.

Stan help us all.


Hellarious, Metafilter.


2 Responses to “dolly parton is a satanist”

  1. Steven said

    The thing that strikes me is that considering us Christians are all deluded and living in a fantasy world, why then do people feel such a strong need to pull it apart? Why not just let us get on with our joy filled inner peace filled delusion? The way people like you always try to pick it to pieces just makes me think, who are you trying to convince? Surely if you are so sure about your lack of beliefs then why waste your time trying to put of those believers who are in it for good? You all go by proof, then do some sensible arguments for once. Try proving He doesn’t exist. If He doesn’t then surely there is some type of experiment you can do to show up His non-existence?
    Just a thought.

  2. Anonymous said

    is Dolly parton a satanist?

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