hell-o, operator

May 23, 2006

Those devilish call-centre employees, The Hellphones, want you to dial 'O' for "oh no!"…

Ladies and Gentlemen, give up your first-born…

Actually, I can't sustain this – The Hellphones want you to come and see them play The 88 Club in Norwood tomorrow night at around 8 pm.

Tell them Samael sent you.


7 Responses to “hell-o, operator”

  1. Are you gonna be there? If you’re there, I’m there.
    In spirit anyway.
    Ah…..to drunkenly stumble over and get slapped for patting your ass (or is it “arse” in South Africa?). Good times.

    My new hours mean I’ll have to wait til tomorrow to read my rejection. It sucks.

  2. barbedwire said

    Close. We prefer "touch me and you die" over here, Jerk – followed by an emphatic kick to your shin.

    Actually, I'll be attending in spirit too – I can't be arsed to factor in the 2 hour plane trip to the big city up North. It is a week night and all.

  3. I miss you.
    I….I can’t even remember what you look like.

  4. barbedwire said

    Sheez, talk about ‘out of posts, out of mind’.
    Here’s a handy link to jog your memory.
    How are you finding the new hours, Agent Jerkofski?

  5. One day, ah yes, one day m’luv, you’ll send me a real picture of your loveliness.

    I don’t find my new hours, they find me.

  6. barbedwire said

    I can't, I'm in a ninja protection programme. Extremely high-level – you know how it is.

  7. Nope, one day, you’ll give in and it will be our little secret.
    I hope you have a great weekend.

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