…undergrowed, flyin’ purple parsnip eater

May 23, 2006

Prince has been voted the "world's sexiest vegetarian" in PETA's annual online poll, the animal rights group announced Monday.

Not that I care or anything – I just wanted to use that headline.


28 Responses to “…undergrowed, flyin’ purple parsnip eater”

  1. spooky electric said

    easy on any latent prince-hating you may have. or else we’re gonna have words.

  2. barbedwire said

    What, did that come off as disrespectful, or something?

  3. spooky electric said

    i hate vegetarians as much as the next cave man, but any more purple disrespect & i’ll have him come ’round to your house with a copy of the watchtower.

  4. barbedwire said

    Actually, the little squiggle was denounced as a Demonic Jehovah’s Witness in the ‘Satan’s Music’ article – something about an “interplay of biblical references and sensual grooves.” Amen to all that, but if he shows up at my house with a copy of the JW rag I’ll have to have my people beat him purple. With a parsnip.

  5. spooky electric said

    you can find satan in any good music i guess. what irritates the shit out of me is when i love a song that is overtly pro-theist. always hate the sentiment, but the music’s great. nina simone & prince have a habit of doing that.

  6. barbedwire said

    I can't say I've ever really had that problem – my CD collection tends to lean towards the 'dark side'. Erm, except maybe for my copy of The Wedding Singer soundtrack. Especially my copy of The Wedding Singer soundtrack. Like I said – dark.

    Nina Simone? Really?

  7. spooky electric said

    really. hope you have both volumes of the wedding singer. double dark. adam sandler singing in his robert smith phase is genius. adam sandler in punch drunk love, now that’s dark.

  8. barbedwire said

    I do have both volumes – and I paid top dollar (at least R5 apiece) for them too: XXD. There. I feel better for having got that off my chest already.

    Punch Drunk Love. Did you see that voluntarily, or was it some sort of parole requirement?

  9. spooky electric said

    i hated that movie. and when anyone with an art background (you know who i mean) waxes lyrical about the photography & colour i want to hit them like i wanted to hit the screen.

    but that doesn’t negate the fact that sandler’s character was creepy. known as the comic/college movie guy he seems to be playing that part, but his sudden rages put a certain edge to the performance.

    i shall refrain from further comment however, as i have to nip down to the police station to sign in for today.

  10. barbedwire said

    I thought the cops came to you? Service levels are declining.

    I feel the same way about art school graduates, btw – they really have no business voicing their opinions about anything.

  11. spooky electric said

    5-0 offered the tracking ankle bracelet, but it clashes horribly with my jimmy choo’s.

    when i hear art school graduates in line at the movies i wish i could turn into woody allen in ‘annie hall’.

    alas, marshall mcluhan is never around when you need him.

  12. barbedwire said

    Please. No one in this country could afford Jimmy Choos – least of all a Sandler watching Allen sympathiser who has it in for the aesthetically inclined.

    You must have stolen them.

    Did you know McLuhan was Canadian? It seems wrong, somehow. His “you know nothing about me/my work” line in the movie always reminds me of that great anecdote about Clark Gable meeting William Faulkner in the 40s. Gable allegedly asked the novelist something along the lines of “do you write”, to which he replied. “Yes, a little.” Then, “What is it that you do, Mr Gable?”

  13. spooky electric said

    best i not mention my weakness for manolo blahnik. that would completely destroy my socialist credentials. as they are.

    canada. ice hockey and… i was convinced there was another thing that they were famous for, but a canadian friend couldn’t imagine what it was. cold? nice people? michael j. fox? celine dion?

    nice flag tho.

  14. barbedwire said

    Not to mention my suspicion that you are, in fact, male.

    Everyone knows that Canada is famous for werewolves, cannibals and David Cronenberg. In that order.

    Maybe Christopher Plummer.

  15. spooky electric said

    barbed wire, that comment makes me suspect the same of you. (much to the potential dismay of jerk.)

    i like cronenberg. dead ringers is genius. but crash…?

    excuse me, i’m off to try having a pee standing up.

  16. barbedwire said

    Which brings us neatly back to Cronenberg and The Fly

  17. spooky electric said

    damn. don’t mention the fly. it reminds me of a time when jeff goldblum could play characters who aren’t jeff goldblum.

  18. barbedwire said

    I find his tics and twitches strangely attractive. Goldblum. And that thing he does with his hands. Then again, I found myself thinking that Oliver Platt was pretty cute the other day so my faculties of aesthetic discrimination have clearly been shot to hell. I think I've figured out the trigger though – both were wearing particularly well-cut black suits (à la David Strathairn in Good Night, and Good Luck) when I saw them last, so I'm hoping it's some sort of sartorial kink and not just further confirmation that I go for nerdy and supposedly flawed over stupid and conventionally handsome every time.

    Whoah, too much information. What was the question again, guy?

  19. spooky electric said

    question doesn’t matter when you give this much of an answer, guy.

    love men in well tailored black suits. david strathairn was amazing. but that movie didn’t get much love from the media. perhaps because it was so critical of it.

    not much of a platt fan, but he was in funny bones. anyone in that little masterpiece can’t be all bad.

  20. barbedwire said

    He was also in that wrestling movie with David Arquette and Scott Caan where he bounces someone's face off the floor and screams "That feel fake to you?" Hot.

    Ready to Rumble is, tragically, also responsible for one of my most oft-quoted snippets of dialogue:
    David Arquette: "Buenos nachos!"
    Rose McGowan: "Why Gordie, I didn't know you spoke Spanish. Are you fluent?"
    D.A. (pats his forehead in concerned manner): "No… no, I feel fine."

    My, I am in a confessional mood today.

  21. spooky electric said

    ‘professional wrestling’ – the male soap opera. bad acting with worse plots. the biggest losers, i read (so it must be true) is the comic book business. 2-d characters like spidey & batman can’t compete with the steroid-sculpted wrestling heroes. that’s why so many shite comic book adaptations are hitting our screens, it’s the only way marvel can make money these days.

    another reason to hate the wwf/wwe, whatever.

  22. barbedwire said

    Look, Sparky – we’ve covered parsnips, The Wedding Singer, Choos, Cronenberg, gender stereotypes, lust, wrestling and my uncanny ability to memorise terrible dialogue.

    Please don’t get me started on comics. We could be here all evening.

    Although this probably is as good an opportunity as any to mention how excited I am about getting my official Marvel The Thing figurine next week.

    I should definitely shut up now.

  23. spooky electric said

    one thing i haven’t been able to get into is figurines. although i picked up an awesome bruce lee figurine. (yes, i said awesome).

    moving arms attached to nunchaku sticks.

    my dashboard is complete.

  24. barbedwire said

    You do sound more like a lightsabre kind of guy. Lee is awesome. But still not as cool as The Thing.

    You tried. That’s the main thing.

  25. spooky electric said

    you sound like a hater kinda guy.

    i’m beginning to understand jerk’s masochistic attraction.

    p.s. you know ‘the thing’ is not real?

  26. barbedwire said

    That’s just the kind of childish response I’d expect from a cross-dressing Prince fan.

  27. kyknoord said

    Aha. So THAT’S where “guess the parsnip” lands you. I just had to know.

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