me ears are alight

May 26, 2006

If I spent more time on the Internet and less time on frivolous distractions like ‘work’ and ‘deadlines’, I wouldn’t be the last person in town to discover that the ‘King of Ska’, Desmond Dekker, popped his clogs yesterday at the youthful age of 64.

Dekker – who, sadly, is probably best known around my parts as the guy everyone thinks is Horace Andy or a barber – rocksteadied Jamaica to the top of the international charts with Israelites, and 007 (Shanty Town), paving the way for a succession of island superstars like Bob Marley, Jimmy Cliff and … uh, Shaggy.


19 Responses to “me ears are alight”

  1. spooky electric said

    Poor me, the Israelite.
    I wonder who I’m working for.
    Poor me, Israelite,
    I look a-down and out, sir.

  2. spooky electric said

    aren’t we all?

    but i shan’t sully the desmond dekker thread with flames.

    get ‘the thing’ yet?

  3. barbedwire said

    Wasn't flaming – I identify with those lyrics more than you know.

    Yes, all The Thing are belong to me. It's 'Fantastic'. I'll post a pic of Thing vs. Godzilla as soon as I locate my camera in the tangle of wires, text books, Norwegian pine and half-eaten human remains that passes for my living room at the moment. (1 Woman, 0 instruction manual. Assembling 5m of Ikea shelving at around 2 in the morning? Pointless.)

  4. spooky electric said

    haven’t seen ‘fantastic four’ movie, but there’s a collector’s edition dvd out. not doing well, check the sales shelves.

    text books? what are you trying to improve? a chat with a studying cousin reminded me of how i could never study formally again.

    ps: always read the instruction manual.

  5. barbedwire said

    'A studying cousin'? That sounds like an Inspector Morse episode title. Or an indie rock band.

    Ha! Like there's anything to improve. I mean, look at me. I'm just trying to create a home for my literature, CDs and DVDs – and The Thing, obviously – before I trip over another 'media pile' and break my neck.

    Ok. I might also be halfway through a degree in Evil Dictatorship – The Ultimate Thrill, but activities have been suspended due to unreasonable work hours and a temporary lack of interest on my part.

    ps: There is no instruction manual. Can't you read?

  6. spooky electric said

    mea culpe. (or is that ‘me a cool purr?’)

    the studying cousin is as far away from indie rock as one can imagine. but, sadly, closer to inspector morse.

    my roof leaks. which is dampening both my spirit & my dvd’s.

    there’s nothing like kicking the bucket on the way to the toilet.

  7. barbedwire said

    Jerk! It took me a good 30 seconds to work out what you were on about. Are you being serious? Desmond begat Roger of The (English) Beat?

  8. spooky electric said

    that’s a bolt. obviously they like alliteration in the family.

  9. No they aren’t related, but it would be odd. I do know that he’s the “Desmond” in “Ob-la-di Ob-la-da” by that one british group with the shag haircuts……the Weevils(?) or some such thing.

    You’re so gullible my luv. Good thing you’re pretty. 😉

  10. barbedwire said

    Incredulous, more like. I loathe the Weevils – and that song in particular.

    Desmond Dekker invented power tools, did you know that?

  11. I know he did an album CALLED Black & Dekker.
    I don’t LOATHE the Weevils, but I don’t seem to feel the same way the rest of the world does about them.
    This is just one more thing that makes me feel we are meant for each other my luv.

  12. barbedwire said

    Yes, but you like King Diamond which cancels out all the other bits.

  13. Aw, you can’t hold the King against me!
    No seriously……DON’T hold him against me. (shudder)
    He smells of flash powder and sweaty D&D fans.

  14. barbedwire said

    Woah. For reasons best left unexplored, that just triggered a split-second (but eternally scarring) mental image of King Diamond bumping and grinding while belting out Rod Stewart’s ‘D’ya Think I’m Sexy?’. My eyes! My ears!

  15. That’s sick!
    I want you.

  16. Don’t tell me you’re “working” again.

  17. barbedwire said

    Sorry, Jerk. You won’t believe how time consuming world domination is turning out to be.

    Good ninja help is so hard to find these days.

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