our men in hangover

June 2, 2006

"It started out as a joke, it turned into a subculture explosion. Bursting through the underground like an inebriated suicide bomber, The four hooligans locked in the HALFPRICE menagerie of a rock and roll band are coming out swinging, ready to flatten the planet!"

Yes, the classy little drunks are back. Catch Homo Pete and the boys at their catchily titled 'Unbanned and Rebooked a.k.a. Damn the Man, Screw the Exams' show at Mercury Live in Cape Town tonight. LP Show and Killerearfukaz will be there to hold the Halvies' hair back while they throw up on their shoes.

If underage drinking turns you on, you won't want to miss the 'Student Night' gig at Lepht, 4 Buiten Street, on Wednesday 7 June, followed by the 'Fat Titties Party!!' held, somewhat appropriately, at the Wynberg Sports Club on Thursday 15 June.

And the fun doesn't end there. Halfprice will blow through Jozie, Pretoria and Durbs in July on their Skidmarks and Roses tour, before deportation departing for their second European tour in September.

What's the big deal? I've toured Europe.


19 Responses to “our men in hangover”

  1. What, no Spooky to keep you company while I’m gone?

    I’m sorry I can’t shower you with all the affection you’re used to. Actually, I’m more sorry that I can’t shower with you.

  2. barbedwire said

    Jerk! Did you have a good Birthday – older, Budweiser?

    What we know about Sparky thus far:
    1. Cross-dresser.
    2. Prince fan.
    3. Doesn’t like figurines.
    4. Is probably wearing a cardigan right now.

    Small wonder he couldn’t stay the distance.

  3. STILL no picture of you, so no, it wasn’t a good birthday.
    I liked the song though.

  4. barbedwire said

    Barbzilla. The gift that keeps on giving.

  5. spooky electric said

    cross-dressing in a cardigan?

    we obviously have very different taste.

    6. collects things
    7. has world’s most overused ipod
    8. rooting for brasil to win the world cup
    9. limits lists to four items

  6. barbedwire said

    That's because I was picturing you along the lines of the Robin Williams character in Mrs. Doubtfire.

    But I won't hold that against you – only because you support Brasil. Also, there's no point in having the world's most overused iPod if you don't have anything decent on it. I'm just saying. Mrs. D.

  7. spooky electric said

    you have no idea what’s on my ipod. besides a selection of my punk collection. most embarrassing: frank zappa. least embarrassing: mmm… everything’s up for debate really.

    besides my cashmere sweaters.

  8. barbedwire said

    I’m guessing Prince and the entire Barbara Streisand catalogue. To go with those sweaters.

  9. spooky electric said

    told you to lay off prince.

    barbs you can lay on all you want. rumour has it she likes that sort of thing.

  10. barbedwire said

    I wasn’t dissing his little purpleness. Don’t be so defensive.

    Also, somewhat shockingly, Barbara is not my type.

    Now, do you think we could suspend the alarming sartorial revelations for a while and talk about, oh I don’t know… music?

  11. spooky electric said

    i’d love to. how ’bout prince? kidding. kind of. actually i must be off, internet half price happy hour has just ended.

    & i shall be working far from the interweb for the whole of tomorrow. but the day after, i promise, music music music.

    a sa music question: between the angry folk on your site & the saccharine sweet folk trying to becoming pop idols, is there something interesting in the middle?


  12. spooky electric said


    yes, so productive i finished work early.

  13. barbedwire said

    I’m also depressed.

    Yes, because I think I might be at work all night.

  14. spooky electric said

    i have a solution to your problem.

    do work that you love.

    i know, i’m supposed to be talking about music. but at least my words are prejudice-free.

  15. barbedwire said

    I love to read, listen to music, watch movies, and make snarky comments on websites – and I'm really good at least 3 of them. Last time I checked, none of those were particularly well-paying career options.

    Unless you're Barry Ronge. And who wants to be Barry Ronge? Not even Barry Ronge, I'll wager.

  16. barbedwire said

    I could open a charm school.

  17. spooky electric said

    teaching is not a particularly well-paying profession either. ask my parents & grandparents, all of whom taught, none of whom own a private plane.

    i’ll search for your perfect job. but i fancy it’s going to involve criticising others. hope your can live with that.

    you have to work late, but i’m afraid i can’t provide moral support. off off & away. chat tomorrow.

  18. barbedwire said

    And condescending, please. I'd love a job where I can be condescending. And maybe hypocritical. Yes, I'd be great at that. Hey… advertising?

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