not that I do

June 9, 2006

“Writing about music is like dancing about architecture – it's a really stupid thing to want to do”

Elvis Costello. (Allegedly.)


8 Responses to “not that I do”

  1. kyknoord said

    I’m guessing musical theory wasn’t his favourite subject.

  2. barbedwire said

    I’m not sure he has a favourite anything – he comes off as a grumpy old git at the best of times. Still, good quote – although I fancy it was also a swipe at music journalists in general.

  3. Hi Zill, (insert sexist comment and shameless begging for a picture) how is everything?

  4. barbedwire said

    Hi Jerk (insert low growl and restraining order), ok-ish. Ninja HQ takes up all of my time these days. I’ll chop my way back to the Internet as soon as I assas… finish this proposal I’m working on.

  5. Fatman said

    I’m going to disagree with Elvis on this one Broadzilla. Firstly, who can forget the dance craze that swept the nation- Do The Guggenheim? A lot funkier than the Batusi(crappy 60’s dancing based on Batman moves). Also: Sure it’s okay to be inspired by a book and write a song about it but it’s not ok to write about a song that inspired you? What f-cking gives Elvis? In an ideal world we’d chase down everyone on the planet and force them to listen to what we love (or hate) but there’s not enough ipods in the world. Hopefully we get people to write about some music to encourage or deter other people from the bands in question.

  6. barbedwire said

    Dear god, Fatman. Between JC, the Batusi and the rest of the arcane references you manage to dredge up for every post… I dunno, I can’t help but picture you as some sort of lapsed, gin-soaked, missionary languishing in muumuu and socks in the back room of a Tiki Bar in the seedy part of Melbourne. Scantily clad women, grass skirts shimmering under purple neon, keep the secret agents and Jesus-freaks busy out front. Sheep graze nervously in the background.

    I think there’s a compliment in there, somewhere. And I should probably get some sleep soon.

  7. For the love of……Ninja’s do not work this much. It’s a union thing, you get at least 3 non weekend days off a month.

  8. barbedwire said

    I feel terrible about it, Jerk. Actually, I just feel terrible. If ninjas were indeed unionised, the first thing I’d demand is free caffeine and vitamins for all employees. All this flying across rooftops and stealthy-slaughter crap is wringing me dry. On the bright side, I have accumulated so much paid leave I may be able to take the whole of 2007 off.

    I swear by all that is unholy, I will switch the internet back on this weekend and give the clamouring masses what they demand. Failing that, I’ll post something on this website.

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