rudies can’t fail

July 16, 2006

It’s been a busy few months for SA’s snappiest ska band, The Rudimentals. Ross became a dad – and Rocco is either a great name for the tiny rudeboy, or a precursor to many, many years of therapy. On the other hand, they could have gone for ‘Punk’ or ‘Ska-face’, so I shouldn’t be too quick to criticise. The ‘Mentals recently signed to international Indie label Moonska – home to former 2-Tone stalwarts The Selecter, The Toasters and Jamaican Supergroup,The Skatalites – for distribution of their debut album throughout the UK, Europe and parts of Asia. They also found time to ‘Set it Proper‘ – that is, release their long-awaited second album, which, by all accounts, is a corker – and added some weight to an already hefty rhythym section by persuading skate and City Bow(e)l ska-punk pioneer, Errol Strachan, to join them on bass.

Errol, a.k.a. ‘Bong’, started out playing guitar and then bass for the Sons of Sellassie, but that’s not important. He’s really known around these parts as The Guy Who Replaced Me, Barb, in the legendary, albeit short-lived, punk band Brain Slaughter, thus stifling my shot at one day comparing strap burns with the likes of Sean Yseult and Melissa Auf der Maur. Instead, here I am. Hanging out with you guys.

Admittedly I might be basing my appointment on a remark made in passing, possibly in jest, by the vocalist – but still, I do take exception to being replaced before I even made it to my first rehearsal. Sure, the sangoma and six times skateboarding champ can actually play his bass without staring at his fingers and mouthing the chord sequence (if only my parents had sent me to this Rock ‘n’ Roll Camp for Girls instead of a convent in Port Elizabeth), but I do look a darn sight cuter on stage.

If you don’t believe me, catch Bong and the rest of the Mother City’s rudest at the Zula Sound Bar, 194 Long Street on 21 July. I’ll be the attractive one at the bar, mouthing along to those chord sequences.


18 Responses to “rudies can’t fail”

  1. Bong said

    Hey Barb!

    Thanks for the props, now I’m blushing and stuff!!

    I’m sure you are way cuter than me, so i will definitely be looking out for you tonight at Zula. Give me a shout and we will catch up on stuff. Maybe get really drunk?



  2. Gawd, Bong – now I’m blushing. Nothing cheers me up quite like a celeb dropping by with an invitation to hang out and drink beer. It’s very Rock ‘n’ Roll.

  3. Azgoth said

    Interesting to note that Bong has the ability to blush!

  4. Whatever do you mean, Azgoth?

    (Whoo, I believe the celeb quotient on this post has just doubled…)

  5. Azgoth said

    Merely that the ‘sangoma’ isn’t generally the shy type.

  6. Seriously? He seems so quiet and retiring. : )

  7. Bong said

    Okay, you guys have me at a huge disadvantage here.

    Firstly, I dunno about the “celeb” status thing, where the heck does that come from? I always thought of, or would like to think, that I am an accessible, normal,(except the hair, I suppose) person, thus the “celeb” thingy makes me feel at odds about stuff, and always has. (See history of my retired skateboard days somewhere in the annals of history somewhere in some prehistoric archives) (That statement should confuse the hell out of all of us, but I shall blunder on….)

    Secondly, I don’t actually know exactly who you are, but I have this feeling that I know you quite well?

    And. thirdly, who is Azgoth, as a matter of interest? it seems that this person knows me well, yes, I am quite a loud person at times, given enough Vodka, and the retiring thing, well, yeah, I suppose that will happen when I die…

    So, we never had that beer yet, what’s up with that? You probably expect that I know who you are, ’cause you know me, but I can’t remember anything much from the “Braindead” days…so help here?? (See elsewhere on the www. about the long term effects of marijuana on short term memory loss…)

    I’ll be at Manneberg’s jazz cafe Friday and Saturday night with the Rudies, so if you have the time, the beer offer is an open one, but I dunno who to buy it for,’cause I cannot attach a name to the Blogger?

    Dr. Ruth, can you please help me?

    Bong the distraught!!

  8. Dear Bong the Distraught:

    1. Amazingly, people consider you to be talented and respect you for it. I know it’s tough, but learn to live with it. Seriously.

    2. We met in passing at some or other gig aeons (and I mean aeons) ago, but that’s the extent of it. However, (a) I have also met a fair amount of people who know you/have shared the stage with you, and (b), see point (1.) above. And (c) you do tend to stand out in a crowd. It’s hard not to know what you’re up to, you know?

    3. Azgoth, If I’m not mistaken, began his musical career with the Blom brothers in a metal band commonly referred to by 3 initials. Last time I saw him take the mic, he was gooing shapes with a bunch of goth-rock revellers at Mercury Live. He has cheekbones you could nick your finger on. His middle name is*… c’mon – you must know him.

    4. Yes, the beer. Circumstances conspired against me and I ended up about a million miles in the opposite direction – and I probably won’t be in town this weekend either. Apologies all round. However, I Solemnly Swear to introduce myself (real name en alles) next time I spot you out on the town/at a gig. Deal?

    Dr. Barb

    * I have no idea, before anyone asks.

  9. His middle name is Ian.

    If that doesn’t have you screaming his identity from the rooftops then, honestly, I just don’t know.

  10. Anonymous said

    Oh, Azgoth!!! Are I not supposed to be starting a new music career with you, “again?”

    The picture gets clearer…..

    I mer Evan Milton at Green Dolphin, (ex-GUNK manager….he says hi…I told him about plans…:)

    Barb, you are so (Oprah/Dr.Ruth/Let’s Fix It – Solly Philander) right now!

    *Ian, you are so nostalgically familiar right now, I have this picture in my mind….I miss him….Lets do this….Hey Barb, got any promo/marketing/managing skills?

  11. Azgoth said

    Is this the part where Barb’s blog becomes a local chat room?
    I’m always up for starting musical careers, I practice this frequently. You in on this one Barb?
    Tell Blue I say “hey!”
    And the less we say about *Ian the better really 😉

  12. Bong said

    Barb, make a chat room quickly. programme one in C ++. Send us the http//

  13. Hey, make yourselves at home. I won’t even charge you.

    You know, as the Solly Philander (thanks, Bong – I think I’ll use that) of promotions / marketing and management, I’d love to play svengali to a couple of superstars, but a quick glance around this website should confirm that I barely have time to gooi down a decent bit of prose on a regular basis, let alone devote myself to making you as famous and independently wealthy as oh, say… Steve Hofmeyer. Anyway, I’m not sure I could keep you lot in the manner to which you are accustomed. (“Barb, why no M&Ms in my dressing room?”, “Barb, more Evian for my bath!”, “Baaarb, how’s that chat room coming on?”)

  14. Azgoth said

    That sounds like a cop out to me.
    Besides which.. M&Ms & Evian sound naff.
    And we all know that fame, such as Steve Hofmeyer has, will only lead to bad acting careers.

  15. A total cop-out – I was hoping you wouldn’t notice.

  16. bong said

    Nah, not even close Barb, no go, sorry, I handle a full day job, (management position), play in Rudies, and find time to start another band with Azgoth.

    You won’t have to do much shit,(I’m lying here:) but, we promise, the calls will come to you, the marketing gets done electronically, gone are the days of flyers, so there goes that excuse. Get Skype.

    We will earn loads of cash quickly ’cause I am a looker and Azgoth is okay looking as well, I suppose, in a manner of speaking….

    Your first task is to get hold of Paul Blom, to be our drummer. Offer my butt as a bribe to sleep with him?

    Then get “Blue” to manage marketing – delegation is the key here. Or get Azgoth to threaten him.

    Then, find us a name.

    Then get hold of Aids from Hogs, he will play guitar.

    Then we are set. Me and Azgoth will do the rest!! Maybe I can get him to resurrect GUNK, as a tribute to Mike the great?? This would be a mad shortcut?

  17. That’s a good line-up. You see? You don’t need me – I’ll just clutter up the place and get in the way…

    I think a GUNK tribute to Mr. Jones is an excellent idea, though.

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