go-go, girls

August 7, 2006

To celebrate Women’s Day this Wednesday, 9 August, Pestroy will be giving away women – sorry, girls – for free, until 10 pm on Tuesday night. Latecomers to the Women’s Day Wipe Out!!! at The Roxy in Melville will have to cough up R40 to catch a glimpse of skirt.

That’s what it says in the press release.*

If you don’t arrive in time to nab one of the good ones, try throwing some change at surfabilly space vixens, The Kosmonauts (above), laid-back Aussies Veeva Feeva, or grumpy ol’ Velve.

You can also catch Pestroy at one of these fine venues later in the month. Ladies not included.

Tue 22 August: Blues Room – Village Walk – JHB.
Fri 25 August: The Red Door – Pietermaritzburg.
Sat 26 August: Burn – Durban with Bhora.


* “Girls FREE before 10:00PM”


17 Responses to “go-go, girls”

  1. I want a free girl.

    I think the possibly fake South Afrikaanerite is avoiding me because he knows I’m armed with the questions you gave me. I did find out his name is Seddon though.
    Is that a made up name or what?

    P.S. You look lovely today. MUCH better than yesterday.

  2. Cheap Tart said

    Silly! Everyone knows chicks aren’t free.

    The Tart
    ; )

  3. Fatman said

    You want one? I’ve got a few stashed away in my auntie’s basement. Some of them are in the advanced stages of decomposition though.

  4. Jerk: Seddon is a totally made-up name. I’d have gone for Thor or Darth – you know, something manly that doesn’t attract too much attention. Seriously, the guy’s a spy. Trade him to Fatman for a dead girl before he steals all the microfilm from the stationery cupboard.

    Tart: They definitely aren’t. Although I can think of a couple of people who would gratefully pay someone – anyone – good money to take me off their hands. And I don’t just mean my parents.

    Fatman: It’s about time we had some decomposition jokes around here. God, I miss the ‘Shrine.

  5. Fatman said

    Ah yes. Ash. He too would stay true to the old maxim of “when you don’t have anything interesting to say, stick in a joke about rotting corpses. Or a joke about sticking it in a rotting corpse.” when leaving posts. Wasn’t that guy supposed to be back around June? I’m beginning to watch films again without fear of reprisals.

  6. Please. The guy’s just directed a TV pilot – he’s never going to speak to us again.

    (How was Cars?)

  7. Fatman said

    TV pilot? Which one?

  8. He didn’t say, but considering that any directing gigs he gets will more than likely be off the back of Alex, Vampire Slayer, I’m guessing it’s not a quirky sitcom about a construction worker, a lawyer, and a baby. In fact, I’ll bet $5 (Zimbabwean) that everyone dies in the first episode.

  9. “surfabilly space vixens”

    I’d love to see you let loose in a Musica to redo the categorisation.

    “Excuse me, but where can I find The Mountain Goats?”

    “Have you tried looking under Caustic Ruminants?”

    “Ah! Of course!”

    Anyone who links to Said The Gramaphone clearly knows their stuff.

  10. Thanks ‘Machine – that’s very kind of you, if a little misguided. You should know that I only link to hip and articulate websites to mask the fact that I really have no idea what I’m talking about most of the time.

    I’d love to be let loose in Musica, but as a sales assistant. I reckon I could project just the right amount of condescension and ennui. My eye-rolling probably needs a little work though.

  11. Ah, but you see, that’s the only reason I link to them as well. We need to protect our collective delusions, and so rule no.1 is, never admit to a fellow poser that you may have intentions…er…how shall I say…..of the questionable sort.

    That just may cause them to start doubting their own intentions, and the whole beautiful and carefully crafted system could come crashing down. And the world would end. Or something dramatic like that.

    So, by pretending we know more than we do, we are, in fact, unheralded saviours of mankind.

    Or you could just be exercising humility and I could be talking a load of bull. I’m never quite sure which.

  12. Is this a test? Who sent you?

  13. A test? Not as far as I know, unless I’m not in on it. Nobody sent me, but someone did mention that I should pass by. =)

  14. Just as I thought. Tell my mom I say hi. ; )

  15. If you really made the ‘mom’ comment because you’re pretty sure you know who it was, and if, in fact you are right, then that’s the funniest thing I think I will hear all week.

    Which in another way, is pretty depressing as it’s only Monday.


    And the liberal sprinkling of the word ‘pretty’ should clear things up, if you’ve been paying attention.

  16. I was just kidding about the test, but yes, in spite of seldom, if ever, paying attention, I am pretty sure who it was, fairly pretty conceited sure that I’m right, and reasonably definitely pretty shallow the rest of the time.

    So, what did my mom say?

  17. Ah, see? Now this is one of those moments that I never seem to recognise. One of those moments when the road forks, and on any other day I would blindly walk down the wrong one.

    But not today! My sense are finely tuned, and number 6 is working overtime. I’m not sure if your mom would want you to know what she said. I hear she has a swift left foot, and my posterior likes to be left alone at the best of times.

    But it was all complimentary.

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