punk in drublic

May 10, 2006

When I first started hanging out at punk gigs, I kept encountering the same small huddle of drunks who'd interrupt the bands with feeble cries of "The Cause", before collapsing against each other in a faint spray of beer and sweat. At least, that's what I thought they were saying.

It was only a couple of years and a VH1 special later that the real reason for their enthusiasm became clear: The Corrs. Of course. They’d been shouting for The Corrs.

Which obviously has nothing to do with Kid of Doom, Fuzigish and Pestroy’s fine, fine efforts to raise funds for almost 300 children and adults with profound mental handicaps – but I thought I’d mention it anyway. So come on – support the Little Eden Benefit gig at Thrashers Skate Park in Pretoria this Saturday. The kids really need you.

If that doesn’t tug at your purse strings, I hear The Corrs sisters are raising money to buy a better looking brother – now there's a cause worth supporting.