come as you are

July 3, 2006

Lending credence to the theory that pigs occasionally do fly, Cape Ska-punk legends, The Hogs, will be blowing their own trumpets alongside hardened Jozie punks, Pestroy and Misled, as they attempt to compensate for their less than athletic physiques/utter inability to score a cheerleader, by chugging lots of beer at the wildly anticipated Jock-O-Rama 2 in Richmond, Johannesburg.

Trot over to Bohemians on 28 July – a little porcine revelry will do you good. And dressing as a Jock* or Stella** will get you R10 off the R40 cover price, plus a free shooter. (The alcoholic kind. Jo’burg’s not that tough).


Urban Dictionary calls it like it sees it:

* Jock (jk), noun:

The kid in high school who’s parents paid everything for. Generally having poor grades, driving a nice car as if he earned it, hitting on all the slutty girls and getting attention because of his sell-out style and flashy white teeth.

** Stella (stl), noun:

a disco girl, usually caught wearing short skirts, heavy make-up and chewing gum. occasionally referred to as part of the canine species. found in groups of three or more at high schools and shops.

For shame. Where is the love?


4 Responses to “come as you are”

  1. My friend Adrian said

    I was trying to explain what a blog was, and my friend Adrian wants to know why on earth someone puts all the things he is interested in, out on the Internet. I couldn’t give him a definitive answer. Volunteers are encouraged to give their response to this deep and thesis-inspiring question.

  2. Fatman said

    Tell your friend that blogs are there so that bored people have an adequate venting ground for tales of their misery. Of course other people like to keep their thoughts and hands occupied while their Arts/Journalism degrees are gathering dust*. And let’s not forget the happy mothers and fathers that fill every post with so many jpegs of their new born child that the computer crashes. In the end, I think it’s basically a case of the ‘King Midas Has Donkey Ears’ syndrome. Everyone has something they want to get off their chests. It’s cathartic.

    *Bare in mind that this is just one guy’s opinion. There are plenty of journos and political types who keep a journal online of things they will not be able to publish for one reason or another.

  3. barbedwire said

    Hey, thanks for taking care of business in my absence, Fatman.

    I like to have a place where I can make bitter, cryptic, observations about people with actual talent, laugh (alone) at my obscure witticisms and snap at visitors in relative anonymity – mostly because my day job requires me to be patient, disciplined, organised and… pleasant – and, in reality, I am none of those things. I’m also trying to get into the habit of writing regularly (we can all see how well that is going) in my (cough) ‘own voice’, as a counterpoint to the rather more responsible stuff I churn out at work. Also, my therapist seems to think an established routine will make me less likely to kill myself.

    Then there’s the fact that I’ve discovered that people will believe pretty much anything they read on the Internet.

  4. barbedwire said

    And the groupies. It’s all about the groupies.

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